Dr. Casey Jordan, Criminologist - Attorney

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Casey Jordan may be best known for her television appearances and print commentary, but her true passion is teaching students and educating the general public about crime and justice.  Over the past two decades, she has done more than 100 live presentations for general and student  audiences, civic groups,  academic conferences , and professional development workshops.
Her international speaking engagements have taken her  to London, Dublin, Bucharest, Bologna, Marseille, Budapest, Toronto, Montreal, Amsterdam, Leiden, The Hague,  Copenhagan, and Marrakesh.   In additional to dozens of presentations within the United States, Dr. Jordan has been  a consistent “Featured Speaker” at the Exploration Program at Yale and the Danbury Hospital Annual Child Abuse Prevention Conference.  Her academic presentations are regularly included at the annual conferences of the American Society of Criminology, the International Conference on Crime, Justice, and Public Order,  and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.
Though her audiences most often include  criminal justice scholars,  attorneys, law enforcement professionals,  and students, her 20+ years as a college professor within diverse student populations  gives her the experience to address any audience.  With a roster of topics to choose from—including homicide, sexual assault, child abuse, forensics, evidence, investigative profiling, insanity, and a range of case studies on famous criminals—Dr. Jordan can  tailor her presentation to a specific audience, prepare a presentation on a specific crime, legal, or cultural topic, or simply engage the learner with an  existing PowerPoint presentation already proven  popular with other audiences.

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