Dr. Casey Jordan, Criminologist - Attorney

Speaker Testimonials

Having known Dr. Casey Jordan for more than twelve years,  I have been able to see firsthand why she is considered to be one of the foremost experts in the field of Criminology.  I invited Casey to be keynote speaker at an annual meeting of the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists in Atlantic City, New Jersey.   She, along with a senior forensic investigator from the New York State Police,  gave a comprehensive and graphic presentation about  serial murderer Kendall Francois,  a man who killed eight women in the Poughkeepsie, New York area in the late 1990s.  Dr. Jordan was the only crime researcher allowed by Francois to interview him.  Her story and insights into the mind of this killer was gripping, and was the highlight of our meeting.

Casey Jordan is a charismatic, intelligent, fantastic speaker.  Her students at Western Connecticut State University rave about her, and it is easy to see why.

Ted Schwartz
Senior Forensic Scientist, Westchester County Forensic Laboratory 
Adjunct Professor, Justice and Law Administration, Western Connecticut State University

Dr. Casey Jordan has been presenting to Newtown High School classes for more than ten years and is one of the best speakers I have encountered.  Her presentations are professional and fascinating.  Most importantly, she is able to engage her audiences without sensationalizing the perpetrators.  In discussing specific crimes, Dr. Jordan always conveys a sense of respect for victims and their families.  Any time she speaks, I am guaranteed that our students and faculty will be fascinated and engaged.  
Peg Ragaini
School to Career Coordinator
Newtown High School

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