Dr. Casey Jordan, Criminologist - Attorney

Criminologist Casey Jordan Talks

About Craigslist Long Island Serial Killer
Long Island, NY April 13th, 2011 (examiner.com) --
Wednesday, renowned criminologist Casey Jordan spoke out about the Craigslist Long Island serial killer case and the type of person may be the perpetrator of multiple killings in several locations.

Although authorities have speculated that the serial killer may be involved in some form of law enforcement due to his apparent knowledge of police procedure and technique, Jordan thinks that anyone who watches TV crime dramas or reads books about crime could be just as knowledgeable.

Jordan said on ‘American Morning’ that the phone calls made by the killer to victim Melissa Barthelemy's teenage sister using a “throw-away cell phone” is one of the reasons police believe he is savvy, however, “most people don’t think that... is a very specialized law enforcement tactical knowledge… anyone who’s watched… ‘Law & Order,’ ‘CSI’ crime shows…” would have such know how.

She said unless the police know something that they’re not releasing, what’s been released so far does necessarily indicate the murderer does, or ever has, worked in law enforcement.

Jordan also noted that the killer has a “strong familiarity” with the area where the bodies have been located -- so far along beaches in both Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

Four of the ten sets of remains discovered have been identified as four women who used Craigslist as a method of finding clients to whom they offered prostitution services.

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