Dr. Casey Jordan, Criminologist - Attorney


Casey Jordan has done more than a thousand TV spots on major networks as an expert on violent crime.

Jordan... is a professor of justice and law administration at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury. She said the secret to her success as a commentator on criminology is her commitment to the science of crime, her avoidance of sensationalism, and the fact that she always keeps the victims of the crimes and their families firmly in mind.

"I believe in journalism, not entertainment. I hate the entertainment aspect of how people cover crime. It's not funny, people suffer," she said. "The ultimate goal is to really add understanding and insight to all of the variables that contribute to how a crime occurs and why a person commits a crime (and) to take the sensationalism out of it."

"Victims suffer so much more, and their families suffer so much more, than what you see on television," she added, explaining she goes on TV shows "to champion for the rights of victims instead of glorifying offenders."

from Sunday Chat with Violent Crime Expert Casey Jordan
July 23, 2010  -- NewsTimes - By Erik Ofgang, Contributing Writer

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