Dr. Casey Jordan, Criminologist - Attorney



Casey Jordan has done more than a thousand TV spots on major networks as an expert on violent crime.

Jordan... is a professor of justice and law administration at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury. She said the secret to her success as a commentator on criminology is her commitment to the science of crime, her avoidance of sensationalism, and the fact that she always keeps the victims of the crimes and their families firmly in mind.

"Jordan is energetic and clearly passionate about her work. Able to cite statistics from memory, she also emphasizes the people behind the stats, the victims and their families. Somehow, she remains positive.

“When darkness falls, two words save me: perspective and prevention,” she says. “Real crime causes unspeakable devastation, which is why I talk to as many crime victims as I do offender-inmates.”

Speaking to victims gives her perspective and fuels her to work harder at prevention. “It drives me to pull up my bootstraps and keep studying those disturbing criminals, so that we can learn enough from them to try, at least try, to identify and foresee the perfect storm of causal factors that can lead to crime,” she says." [Read Full Article]

from In Our Search to Understand Violence, Casey Jordan Helps Us Find Answers
January 25, 2018  -- Connecticut Magazine - By Erik Ofgang

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