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In Our Search to Understand Violence, Casey Jordan Helps Us Find Answers

"Jordan is energetic and clearly passionate about her work. Able to cite statistics from memory, she also emphasizes the people behind the stats, the victims and their families. Somehow, she remains positive.

“When darkness falls, two words save me: perspective and prevention,” she says. “Real crime causes unspeakable devastation, which is why I talk to as many crime victims as I do offender-inmates.”

Speaking to victims gives her perspective and fuels her to work harder at prevention. “It drives me to pull up my bootstraps and keep studying those disturbing criminals, so that we can learn enough from them to try, at least try, to identify and foresee the perfect storm of causal factors that can lead to crime,” she says." [ more ]

TV Trials Give Professor Added Teaching Time

June 13, 2011, Connecticut Law Tribune, by Christian Nolan -- WestConn faculty member offers cable network commentary
Western Connecticut State University Professor Casey Jordan has been an analyst during the exclusive coverage of the trial on the cable network formerly known as Court TV. Jordan, also a part-time lawyer with an office in Ansonia, has been putting in 12 hour days for the sister network of CNN and much of the time is on-air... [ more ]

WestConn Law Professor Wears Many Hats

May 22, 2011  -- NewsTimes - By John Pirro, Staff Writer
DANBURY -- The telephone call that launched Casey Jordan's career as a television commentator came on a hot July afternoon nearly 20 years ago.  Jordan was teaching summer classes at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City when a reporter from the local CBS affiliate called, looking to interview another criminology professor about the arrest of... [ more ]

WestConn Criminology Prof Makes Thousands of TV Spots

October 18, 2010  -- Casey Jordan earned her time in front of the national press commenting on violent crime
Danbury Dispatch
- By Erik Ofgang
Casey Jordan has done more than a thousand TV spots on major networks as an expert on violent crime.  Jordan, 47, is a professor of justice and law administration at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury. She said the secret to her success as a commentator on criminology is... [ more ]

Sunday Chat with Violent Crime Expert Casey Jordan

July 23, 2010  -- NewsTimes - By Erik Ofgang, Contributing Writer
Casey Jordan isn't a fan of shows like "CSI," perhaps because she's all too familiar with the violent crimes portrayed on such shows.  Jordan, 47, is a professor of justice and law administration at Western Connecticut State University, a criminologist, and an attorney who has spent more than 20 years working and teaching in the field as an expert on violent crime...  [ more ]

Lighting The Way For Historic Preservation

March 2, 2009  -- Ansonia lawyer dedicated to reviving old lighthouses
Connecticut Law Tribune - By DOUGLAS S. MALAN

Attorney Casey Jordan realizes it might seem a little strange. She’s seen the looks on people’s faces and heard the questions about her willingness to take on even the most difficult projects. But when it comes to restoring and preserving dilapidated lighthouses, she said, “It’s a passion. You either get it or you don't..." [ more ]

Master of Many Trades/Scholar Junkie Casey Jordan

LawCrossing.com by Mary Waldron
Though she's only had her law degree for three years, this late-blooming attorney is by no means behind in the game. Criminologist/college professor/antique dealer/legal commentator and expert Casey Jordan is a busy woman, and she has been for quite some time. Her ambitious personality and love for learning have taken her back to school many times, leading her to earn a Ph.D. and a J.D. Jordan's driven nature has also taken her on a wild career ride over the years, and she's not slowing down anytime soon. [ more ]

3 Questions, 3 Answers

March, 2004  -- Yankee Magazine - By Cindy Anderson
In the March Issue of Yankee, we interviewed Casey Jordan, a professor of justice and law at Western Connecticut State University who has provided commentary for more than 200 media venues, including the New York Times, NBC News, and 20/20.  During the October 2002 Washington D.C. –area sniper killings, she served as CNN’s in-house criminologist during the October 2002 D.C. –area sniper killings.  She spoke with Yankee at Obsidium, her Ansonia, Connecticut, antiques store... [ more ]

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