Dr. Casey Jordan, Criminologist - Attorney

Forensic & Legal

With degrees in  Political Science, Law & Society, Criminal Justice, and Law,  Dr. Casey Jordan’s role as both a criminologist and attorney has given her first-hand experience in the practice of forensic psychology and the assesment of criminality. 

As a behavioral analyst with a focus on criminal behavior systems, Dr. Jordan’s studies of violent crime and extensive interviews with known criminals have honed  her skills as an investigative profiler.  She  assists law enforcement,  private investigators,  crime victims,  victims’ families, and investigative journalists in their fight to uncover clues in unsolved crimes and open cold cases. 

A forensic consultant to both prosecutors and defense attorneys, Dr. Jordan conducts behavioral analyses of suspects and offenders, specializing in assessment of mitigating factors, diminished mental capacity, and potential application of the insanity defense.   As a trial attorney, she uses studies of jury selection and the psychology of visual persuasion not only  to assist in the voire dire process, but also to determine trial strategy while reverse engineering  the presentation of evidence to fit a particular jury. 

Dr. Jordan's knowledge of forensic science and the rules of evidence in criminal law contributes to her penchant for analyzing the direct and indirect evidence in a case.  She assesses the forensic evidence, conducts research for updates in various scientific fields, identifies the best expert witnesses for the case, and prepares for cross-examination of the opponent's experts.

Certified in health law and alternative dispute resolution, Dr. Jordan is a proponent of Restorative Justice and works to mediate disputes and  resolve conflict outside of the court system whenever possible. 

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